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I can do anything

I can do anything He was so ashamed and so sad.

He sometimes even climbed in the area and there was crying.

No one understands me, ' sobbed it, no who, really not sorry.

As time went on.

Once, when Sammy was very sad, and he wept, his sobbing heard worked in the circus camel.

Not much fun you look, he said.

I can do anything to help you and encourage you?

I don't know, said Sammy.

I am trying to keep this Badiou, to do their share of work, but every time spill.

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Nails thunderstorms. Lucky

Nails thunderstorms. Lucky At the bottom of the visit.

The patterns of the lake.

Nails thunderstorms.

Lucky pot.

Raisins the bottom.

Drifting lawns.

Shop basins.

Monkey bazaars.

Lowlands bass.

Cargo Georgians.

Differentiation of sounds Z the set of words.

Formation skills sound analysis, development of auditory memory and logical thinking Listen every words.

Looking at the pictures of the character of Annexes , , defined Delhi, which sound or Z hid in every word.

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First aid . If the wound

First aid . If the wound If the child was bitten by a wild beast whether sica or hedgehog , which too often are IP sources of infection beshenstvo PART III.

FIRST AID IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS If the child has a lot of bites or strong bleeding, call emergency assistance.

First aid .

If the wound is bleeding , press it with a clean dry cloth and hold until the bleeding would not stop.

The bite soap solution rinse better business or special EN debacterol or Prozent dissolve rum hydrogen peroxide.

Keep the wound from the tap in minutes, then Akku care wipe.

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Use of the motivational

Use of the motivational Use of the motivational strategy for support organizational skills in general All examples given above concerned behavior problems, over with which it is necessary to work to remember household chores, a floor chat good marks to clean up toys etc.

Same strategy it is possible to use and for development of organizational skills in general, and not just some concrete ability.

If you consider that costs to work over skill of the beginning of work for example, that every time the child started business without reminders it is possible to support him.

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Everyone It offends bases of human dignity in the son, she treats him as with a doll, and meanwhile it is the person entrusted by the nature to its cares.

Everyone knows that training of the child in art independently to eat, wash sya and to put on work much more boring and difficult, demanding the immeasurably bigger patience, than feeding, washing and clothing of the child.

But first sort of work work to a vospitata la, and second sort of work easy and low quality work of servants.

This work is easier for mothers, but it is extremely harmful to the child as bars the way and places obstacles in way to development it activity.

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Making Take a rattle, a hand bell, boxes of matches, a jar from cream from face linam inside, a pipe or the whistle, a toy with a pishchalka rustling a tsellofa new package or something else.

Making a sound, induce the child to look for eyes its source.

Call a sound rattles, rings, rustles, peeps and so on.

Hold the sounding subject directly before the kid, gradually Uda to lyayta a sound source, change its situation that on the right, to the left of the kid that he listened, looked back in search of a toy.

Hide a toy and when the kid after all turns in the necessary direction also will persistently look around at it, get and show to the kid.

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But try to aspire

But try to aspire Perhaps, it will be hard for you to begin work with insufficiently developed and to be engaged in organizational skill of your child in it to long time is free.

But try to aspire to the good.

If shortcomings of the child coincide with yours, tension cha hundred arises because of that the child does not have enough ability to fill gap or to neutralize negative influence of own weak parties.

For example, if you have with the daughter a weak working memory and not the developed skills of the organization to keep in an order notes from give rise pour, the school diary which needs to be signed, or sports stock it will be very difficult.

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