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By means

By means For example, many children without analysis use the words thick and big, long and high, confusing these concepts.

By means of the described methods it is easy to teacher to fix on a basis didactic material of idea exact and clear and to associate with them appropriate words.

Way of use of didactic material.


Having allowed the child to play much three sets of tabs and to get confidence in this exercise, the teacher takes out everything cylinders of identical height also puts them in a row on a table.

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If the kid with

If the kid with When the kid easily finds a place for any waist, it is possible to pass to independent assembly of all pictures.

If the kid with ease collects one picture, a feather stir details of two pictures, then three and more.

If that or other task will appear to the child not in power, return on one level of complexity back.

In the course of game pay attention of the kid to colors, which he sees, on a detail of drawings.

Ask, what to a tsva that a kerchief at a nested doll or a sun blind at a lodge.

If child not is able to speak, ask to show, where red or another color, where at a horse a tail, a mane, where at a lodge a pipe and so further.

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I am not a doll, I'm a bear! The hare

I am not a doll, I'm a bear! The hare I am not a doll, I'm a bear!

The hare sing, shake Fox, TOAD AND FROG I paw let him suck on that!

Green abdomen, Green legs, HEDGEHOG TAILOR Two frogs with a frog With pride hedgehog needles wore, Accustomed to the exercises.

Their animals pajamas sewed, A little skill How many needles on the back of growing, Frog in flight, as Many pyjamas our hedgehog will sew!

The toad lower Jumping in the swamp!

Differentiation of sounds W in rhymes Clearly speak patters first slowly, then quickly, keeping the clarity and sound pronunciation.

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Teachers Why so absentminded daughter and irresponsible?

Why it cannot though for a while to postpone that is pleasant to it to finish everything that it has to do?

And unless the eightyearold girl should not selfstanding telno to cope at least with some tasks?

By results of the tests which were carried out in Iowa, which Katee about goes since the end x, it is in m protsentile.

Teachers utverzh give that it has a rich imagination, the strong mathematical is capable st and big lexicon.

She is the nice girl.

For this reason teachers are very upset they should speak give rise all the time lyam Katee that their daughter often breaks discipline in a class, as cannot concentrate on a task during the work in group.

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Options of carrying

Options of carrying Options of carrying out game show to the child the picture; call it; ask to find on big to the card also suggest to close a card the corresponding image; if necessary help; show the picture, but do not call it, and ask to find same carat tinka on the big card; then or call the picture, if the child still badly speaks, or ask to call it, suggest to close a card corresponding image; do not show the image, but call; ask to find the picture on to the description on the big card; suggest to close the image sootvt stvuyushchy card; call the image, showing the signature, and then the picture; before lay down to close a card the corresponding image; show the signature; ask to guess that on the picture, at it is necessary tell st that there; having waited some seconds, suggest to close card corresponding image.

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So you will

So you will, Guar R.

Your child can do everything.

Chapter .

Development of skill of planning and definition of priorities Advance of skill of planning and arrangements of priorities in everyday life .

Make plans for children, even when they small.

Tell Let's make the plan and then paint some stages.

Better to make a check list in which the child will be able to note you polnenny steps.

More active involve the child in planning.

So you will be able to show it process model.

Ask As you think that is necessary for a sda lat first of all?

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Dusty air irritated

Dusty air irritated Dusty air irritated mucus simple membranes of the upper respiratory tract , reduce continuing their resistance against infection.

The mucous membrane in the nose of the child should not to dry up.

To moisturize and mucous time jirenia viscous mucus must be entered in nasal passages normal physiological races solution .

% solution of sodium chloride .

Overdose this solution is impossible , so as it is a part of the body, so ka path it can if necessary every to minutes, drops in each half the nose.

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