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Pour white

Pour white After each test they gather from a glass of tepid water and properly rinse a mouth; such in a way exercise of taste appears an incentive measure to hygienic exercise.

Recognition of taste is the real and very valuable selfeducational exercise for children from four to five years.

Pour white powders to glass glasses mixes with quinine, sugar, salt.

The child, being curious to learn taste, the beret on language is a little to powder, and now rinses a mouth.

In Milan zha Makkeroni with doctor Ferrari is ordered such sorts powders and candies in various flavoring gradation, in a cooperative drugstore of Gumani tare Society.

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It is possible

It is possible Fat of chicken meat is also best of all it is acquired by an organism.

It is possible to include the special meat in a diet of children of the first year of life canned food for baby food.

FISH Fish as well as meat, is one of the main sources full protein which is well acquired by an organism proteins of fish are acquired on %, and proteins of meat for %.

Besides, fish contains the fat acids, mineral substances potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamins A, D, E, and also groups B.

In food of children it is not recommended to use fish canned food an exception make special canned food for baby food.

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In babies

In babies The first symptoms of the disease Pain in the ear and the head , which can be easy tingling or intensive.

Increased body temperature.

Sometimes vomiting.

The child becomes sluggish.

In babies of the first signs of otitis media can to be restless sleep, increase body temperature, turns head in time Otitis nye parties, crying in response to an attempt to click on the front of the patient's ear.

Often otitis accompanied by a decrease the hearing.

When to consult a doctor When the first signs of otitis media .

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After that

After that To cut plums in half.

To remove stones and to heat plums on the very weak fire, carefully stirring slowly to a full softening.

After that heated weight hot to wipe through a sieve, to add sugar, to stir and finish on weak fire before boiling.

At once to pour on banks, without adding to the brim see.

To sterilize the jars the half liter minutes, liter minutes.

Red currant jelly Berries to knead, wring out juice, to put in it sugar at the rate of g of sugar on glass of juice to pound a spoon until sugar is not dissolved.

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The children

The children We need to call the fairy Dobrodiy, it is necessary that any will think, said the friend.

The children shouted Faerie Dobrodeya!

Faerie Dobrodeya and and!




Who disturbed me?

Anyone here needs help?

sang fairy who suddenly appeared right out of the air, only multicolored sparks flew in different directions.

Are we, that we danced with delight Yarema and Arishka and told Debroglie about the trouble that happened in the family dragon Yarema.

I know how your grief to help, said the fairy, I have a magic lights that and the dark road lighting to participate, and in any trouble help.

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On far swamp

On far swamp Mutilated I your favorite oak tree.

Not to hide us more in his shadow, not there sweet acorns, replied the pylon and began to cry even more.

Don't cry, a horn.

I know how to burn your help.

On far swamp grows miracle herb, the power of the medicinal herbs.

SOR VI it at night and bring it together with swamp water to the oak.

First rinse the wound with muddy water, and then impose on it a miracle herb.

Just remember the grass impose, and he is sentenced.

Here wound and heal, he prostrate forty and flew away.

That sentence?

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C The drawing

C The drawing B The drawings supplementing cardboard figures.

We allow children to draw a sun blind and doors in face da of houses, lattices at gate etc.

Most often the child executes these drawings on own figures when they it is good under dry, i.


every other day two after a sticker.

C The drawing consisting in filling with strokes of contours.

These drawings extremely are important, making preparation for the letter.

For education of chromatic feeling shading contours is reached that by free drawing for development of observation to a form, t.

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