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It is possible

It is possible To avoid it, try to make to the child to school interesting grant on stories time tape.

It is possible to begin studying of history on the example of history of life of the kid.

Take photos of your child from infancy up to now, under take a little the best, suitable according to the contents.

And contents will be, for example, such Katya was born recently and all the time sleeps the corresponding photo; Katya already learned to lie on a stomach and to raise the head; Katya is able to sit; Katya learned to stand, go itself and so on; Katya puts cylinders in a box; Katya tries to move down from a hill.

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Right, aroma

Right, aroma This tree peonies!

I will explain.

Unlike Trapani simple, they grow on bushes and flower they have much larger.

Look, grandmother, what big petal my two Lado no!

screams Lisa!

It seems that this year they seek to obscure its great laiem lilac!

And so gentle smell!

says Lisa.

Right, aroma they have such thin, it is mixed with slad Kim, a bit suffocating smell of lilac and adds notes spring freshness.

Notes, ' says Lisa it's the music.

So it is accepted to speak about the smell.

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System As one would expect, even those months when do not support Devon shaft the initial standard, its room was much tidier, than prior to use of system, and parents could reduce reminders to one in a week.

System of performance of homeworks it is also rumpled but improved, but all saw need of continuation daily afterdinner checks by the teacher and house control by parents.

Step .

Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill organization Specific behavioural goal Devon will trace performance of the back teacher's niya, availability of necessary materials and performance house slave you which needs to be handed over.

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Complexity It is also possible to play and thinking of plants, though it can be more difficult for children.

In this case on try to combine both games in one, that is zagada howl in turn that animal, a plant.

Complexity of a task, naturally, is defined a vozra sty children.


The adult calls characteristic of any animal, and the child tries to guess, who it.

If the riddle is not solved, the adult calls one more feature to five helps.

If the child guessed from the first, receives five points, from the second four and so on.

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How to apply

How to apply descended at children intensively, sometimes without use of medicines.

How to apply starvation at sharp defeats of the gastrointestinal path at children?

Always it is necessary to begin treatment with hunger.

As a rule, if at once not to remove food, the condition of the child will only be weighted.

And still is not necessary to give to the child in the first days of an illness at a liquid chair the fixing drugs, even herbs.

The diarrhea can pass into the contrast.

And state the kid will worsen, as indigestion which can be caused most various reasons reforage, overheating, wrong appointment feeding up, substandard products and, at last, an infection remains.

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Then we erase

Then we erase However long to use such material barriers it is not necessary.

At first we clean rulers and we come back to to two parallels between which the feebleminded child tries to draw the third line.

Then we erase one of the directing lines, and we leave another or on the right, because at the left and, at last having erased also this last line, we erase also a point, having begun with top, noting a starting point departures of the line and hand.

The child starts drawing the vertical line without the material support, without comparison points.

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Then I conduct

Then I conduct Snacha la to me will jump hares!

Children, representing hares, jump to the adult.

To children of twothree years the leader speaks I will feed hares with carrot!

Children of an izobrazh yut that take food from the adult's hands, and then run back.

Then I conduct shchiya declares the following animals whom he is going to feed.

Children of fourfive years, approaching the adult, call that food, which needs to be given to the represented animal.

In the course of game it is possible to ask children as tells this or that animal.

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