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Their duration

Their duration Mustard the bath is used in diseases of the organs of breath.

Their duration minutes.

Conducting mustard bath .

Pour into the tub l of water with temperature C.

Dilute in g of mustard in a bowl with warm in DOI and pour into the tub.

Place or seat in tub child .

On th fishing child can be put cool compress PART IV.


Gradually increase the temperature of water up to C.

Watch out for the skin and the condition of the child .

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Vegetables To give sauce hot to a pudding from millet, rice, semolina, macaroni, wheaten crackers and to rice cutlets.

Vegetables Various vegetables have to enter a food allowance of children.

Vegetables serve source of a number of feedstuffs vitamins C, P, beta carotene, salts, potassium, iron, digestible sugars glucose, fructose, sucrose, used in an organism as fuel.

The attractive look and delicate aroma of vegetables stimulate appetite of children, the organic acids containing in vegetables promote allocation digestive juice and to digestion of food.

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For use in the natural

For use in the natural Before preparation of dishes for giving to cottage cheese of more gentle and its uniform consistence follows to pass via the protirochny machine or the meat grinder.

Fat cottage cheese can be used in the natural form with milk, sour cream, sugar or to prepare from it syrkovy, curds; from lean cottage cheese these dishes turn out less tasty.

From lean cottage cheese prepare cheesecakes, vareniki, baked puddings, puddings.

For use in the natural form for food of children early and preschool age apply only freshly cooked cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese belongs to perishable goods.

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Woman, by nothing

Woman, by nothing The boy, is armed ny only freedom and ease of the feet, screams and leaves.

Woman, by nothing armed from art, by nature because the feet unaccustomed to run, are confused in skirts, lets out a cry of horror and falls unconscious.

These three various ways of reaction are in the closest communication with degree of freedom and independence of each of three indiv comrade.

Fainting, it is the woman which coat are worn by the obliging gentlemen throwing sya to lift the subject dropped by it and taking great pain to relieve it of the slightest effort.

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Other proof

Other proof Other authors noted variable effect.

But at the same stage at children who are fed breast, the maintenance of a progesterone is higher, than at the other.

Other proof communications with the theory of violation of biorhythms a role of prostaglandins hormones, the muscles of a digestive tract causing strong reduction.

When to two to children for treatment of a disease of heart entered prostaglandin, at them appeared gripes.

This hormonal theory is confirmed also by that children, born at difficult delivery, more often are uneasy.

And last confirmation gripes by miracle disappear at the age of months, when the child has ordered habits to a dream and are developed corresponding biorhythms.

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Less often

Less often Most often at children skin, then a digestive tract, bodies is surprised breath, nervous system etc.

In various age groups different manifestations of food allergy meet.

Till months.

The skin rash which is shown against the chest meets feedings or at introduction of a dokorm and food correction.

The dysbacteriosis and dyspepsia arising together with damages of skin or a little later.

Less often gastrointestinal symptoms precede the skin.


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To add sour

To add sour It is possible to use for gas station beet, cabbage, fresh cucumbers.

Yolk paste Egg piece, sour cream tablespoon.

To cook egg in the abrupt.

To separate a yolk and to pound it with salt.

To add sour cream, it is possible to add butter.

Proteinaceous paste Egg piece, cheese grated h.

a spoon, butter h.

a spoon, milk tablespoons, salt to taste.

To beat whites with milk and salt, to warm up, stirring slowly.

To add cheese, oil, to mix.

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