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Food additives

Food additives Products, in which structure are excluded from a hypoallergenic diet of a dish also food additives enter tinned products, smoked products, mustard, horseradish, pepper.

Food additives dyes, preservatives can provoke allergic manifestations.

Daily amount of protein in food of children allergic persons the ratio of the proteinbearing meets age standard, but products differs from that in a usual diet.

Protein of cow's milk provides for children till years % of the general proteinaceous requirement at to norm of %, at preschool age % at norm of %.

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Show your

Show your What if in a tub of water will drop the ball?

What happens if you add in the water paint?

And now let the kid asks you questions.

They had always at the ready!

Game develops the intellect.

Zaplati pigtail Attach the upper ends of the ribbons and strings to the wall or the table at close range, and lower let him remain free.

Show your baby how are braided pigtails on the doll what we Lala was beautiful!

Ask your child to practice on you prepared the simulator.

The game is important for the development of consistency and accuracy hand movements.

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СРАВНИВАЕМЖ UNUSUAL PUZZLES If you have two identical cards, cut one of them and predlo zhit to the child to put it on a sample at first divide the image into three four parts, then can cut the same picture on bigger quantity parts.

СРАВНИВАЕМЖ ivy nature and r MOTHERS AND KIDS All kids love animals, especially small.

Any child will be with ecstasy to potter with a domestic kitten, as if diligently parents not tried to prove to it, what you should not kiss it.

Suggest the kid to get acquainted with little animals and give birth to them tel.


All tasks have to be performed by the child after precede telny display or explanation.

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They solved

They solved So it could store it and it is easy to notice if that that is not enough.

They solved to place labels on a dummy for each element which can to be necessary.

The father agreed that overnight he will be napom to nat to Jake about need to check equipment and to put things in a bag.

In turn, Jake agreed that, when in the evening the father on remembers to it that it is necessary to gather, he will be engaged in it at once and will not be to postpone until morning.

They also agreed that, if Jake not bu is put to hold to the plan and that that will forget, the father will not begin to help out it.

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To the ready

To the ready Think up, than still it is possible snab to dit such game panel.

At the edges of a fanerka from a reverse side wooden laths, and behind are attached all design is closed by a leaf the fan ry same size.

To the ready panel eyelets are fastened, and all this hangs up sya on a wall in a game corner.

At the kid, of course, not at once it will turn out to seize all buttons and levers of it the panel, but it will show to it pain necks interest and to try very much.

И® and | I AND GRAYEM WITH RINGLETS Small children can give for game of a pyramid.

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In doshkol

In doshkol We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER sorting and classifying it, also start realizing prichinno a trace stvenny communications.

These skills develop and at later age, when an order and rituals mechanisms by means of which it is possible a game to trolirovat the experience become important for children.

In doshkol the number age accent is displaced from tests on assimilation.

Children begin on to nimat that different people have a different experience of perception, to distinguish emo tion of other people are also capable to play a role.

Soon after that, in – years, children realize that different people have different thoughts and feelings, maybe yes to vat elementary interpretation of intentions for example, punish them for a fault or it is casual.

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Two and a half

Two and a half Very convenient!

Show how attached trailer.


Then you can play in construction loaded dice, Pere transported, unloaded built house!

Walking machine can be loaded with sand and ka bags, and in the winter snow.

Toy develops the ability to gaming activities STI, fine and gross motor skills.

Two and a half to three years When I was.

Think of a song about different things, finding students in the room.

The melody can be any, and slo VA must be accompanied by action.

Let the kid behind you repeat!

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