To the ready

To the ready Think up, than still it is possible snab to dit such game panel.

At the edges of a fanerka from a reverse side wooden laths, and behind are attached all design is closed by a leaf the fan ry same size.

To the ready panel eyelets are fastened, and all this hangs up sya on a wall in a game corner.

At the kid, of course, not at once it will turn out to seize all buttons and levers of it the panel, but it will show to it pain necks interest and to try very much.

И® and | I AND GRAYEM WITH RINGLETS Small children can give for game of a pyramid.

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In doshkol

In doshkol We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER sorting and classifying it, also start realizing prichinno a trace stvenny communications.

These skills develop and at later age, when an order and rituals mechanisms by means of which it is possible a game to trolirovat the experience become important for children.

In doshkol the number age accent is displaced from tests on assimilation.

Children begin on to nimat that different people have a different experience of perception, to distinguish emo tion of other people are also capable to play a role.

Soon after that, in – years, children realize that different people have different thoughts and feelings, maybe yes to vat elementary interpretation of intentions for example, punish them for a fault or it is casual.

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Two and a half

Two and a half Very convenient!

Show how attached trailer.


Then you can play in construction loaded dice, Pere transported, unloaded built house!

Walking machine can be loaded with sand and ka bags, and in the winter snow.

Toy develops the ability to gaming activities STI, fine and gross motor skills.

Two and a half to three years When I was.

Think of a song about different things, finding students in the room.

The melody can be any, and slo VA must be accompanied by action.

Let the kid behind you repeat!

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It simultaneously

It simultaneously This is due to the exceptional role she plays in human life.

Thanks speech people report of thought, desire, pass on their life experience, coordinate actions.

It is the primary tool people communicate.

It simultaneously is a necessary basis thinking and his instrument.

Mental operations analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization, abstraction and other developing are being developed and improved in the process of language acquisition.

From the level of speech development depends on the overall intellectual the development.

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Fire puts

Fire puts THE FIRST STAGE DISCERNMENT SOUNDS WITH SH IN ISOLATION, IN SYLLABLES AND WORDS Differentiation to hear sounds With W in words Carefully listen to incomplete sentence.

From a pair of similar sounding the words say one thing, descriptive.

Explain its meaning.

Put in a bowl .

PAP helmet.

Fire puts .

PAP helmet The poet writes .

fable tower.

The artist draws .

fable tower.

Slad to sleeping in the den .

bowl bear.

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On spring

On spring Explain to the child as it is necessary to water a plant correctly having put a watering can nose on edge of a pot, but without having lifted up it over head.

From time to time at the child or together with it dig up the earth in a pot a stick.

On spring of a prishcha to pyvayta a plant that it grew better.

Explain reben ku for what you do it, tell that is not terrible at all, that you delete tops of branches that there comes the spring, and races the teniye will grow with a new force.

And after a prishchipyvaniye it will start up young strong branches in the parties.

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