And fine

And fine On the threshold rode [awn convened.

Guests arrived.

On the porch and sat down.

This gave, This gave, This gave, This gave, And this is not returned He's on the water didn't go.

Firewood is not cut.

The stove is not heated, PAP not cooked.

Fingering the little fingers, gently massaging them.

And it is pleasant and useful Finger games useful for the development of intelligence.

and fine motor skills.

From half to two years FROM TWO TO TWO A HALF YEARS of Study colors Take four identical bowls, different in CEE Tu red, green, blue and yellow.

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Mother has to have

Mother has to have The strongest psychogenic components of this reflex are formed also on condition of the early applyings to a breast and continuous communication with the child, starting with the first days of his life.

Mother has to have a strong confidence in need chest feeding and possibility of successful performance of the maternal functions.

In treatment of a gipogalaktiya it is necessary to find out the reason and as far as possible to try to eliminate it.

It is necessary to adjust mother's dream it has to make not less than hours at night and hour in the afternoon, food is rational to diversify with obligatory use by the woman not less than l of cow's milk, the divorced l of boiled tea, or fermented milk products to use psychotherapy.

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Kolya and Lena

Kolya and Lena Favourite rhyme sauce.

High thin Linden Lyuba with Lena softly sang All the leaves were shown, the meadow near spruce.

And swans and ducks Galya with Olya were in the field, Far left.

Walked out there in the wild.

Kolya and Lena We ate, we drank, Cranberries bought, We snowmen sculpted.

Kolya and Lena Under the window, caressing opinion, My mother helped.

Baba with dedou stand!

Kolyayearold in the movie, went To the stadium we went, Two cartoon they saw, Lemonade have bought for myself Lions there was singing, deer flew, We would rooting for athletes, And peacocks spirits bought.

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Change of an environment What subjects people will help to achieve the objectives?

On a dummy all equipment which is necessary for trainings will be noted and games In the evening before game the father will remind Jake that that checked and with took all necessary things What concrete skills will be received by the child who will train him how?

Skill shortterm memory to remember all necessary sports ekip rovka for trainings and games Who will train in skill?

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It is representable

It is representable Best of all it works, when the signal represents a separate visual sign for example, the movement of a hand which will draw attention of the child to a problem situation.


Play a sketch on roles.

It is representable that you you play with friends on the street, and here one of them says that you angers.

I will be your friend, and you by itself.

If it is difficult for the child, in this situation you can play him and show, how to cope with it.

As well as in a case with other skills used at regulation behavior, organize practice daily or several times in a week during few weeks.

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IN SUMMER MEMORABLE ANIMAL After the zoo to describe in detail several memorable animals.

IN SUMMER AND WINTER Remember, to represent and to tell the difference between your yard suburban area in the summer and in winter.

YOURS AND OTHERS Remember, to present and explain the similarities and the differences your room and bathroom neighbor your cuisine and specialities of other your jackets and jackets friend your bike and bike friend Difficulty LEVEL SOME FAIRY TALES WITH ONE HERO To recall different tales involving one and the same hero.

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