This book

This book The movements of children at an exit from a condition of an order become more and more eventually coordinate and perfect; they are accustomed to consider the acts.

After children will acquire idea of an order, supervision of how they pass from the first chaotic movements to the movements harmonous and spontaneous here that has to be the reference book teachers.

This book has to inspire all its actions; it is the only book, which she has to read and reread if wishes to become the real teacher.

The child in such exercises, in a sense makes a choice of the bents, in the beginning complicated by unconsciousness and a disorder of its movements.

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Accumulated Fortunately, in our country still in the Soviet period Union was created strong pediatric service, which, despite all the troubles and experiments in recent years, continues to work.

Accumulated huge significant experience in the Arsenal of the doctors have the results of many numerous studies.

And as if today abused medicine, whatever problems it does exist, if you are near a competent doctor pediatrician, which Roma, you can always ask for advice and help, you are not afraid of the problems that may arise in the first years of life of the baby.

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We consider, that

We consider, that Most of teachers prepare for lessons, disregarding development concrete organizational skills.

Teachers and parents understand, at least in general, that should be expected from children in a miscellaneous age, also put the corresponding level.

At teachers is vozmozh the nost to approach education of the child more formally.

We consider, that if teachers realized a role, which organizational skills play in independence development and as much they already do that could be given to children even more.

They could impart body zatsionny skills to ask questions and to give helps.

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To this age local

To this age local To this age local immune system digestive tract it is completely created in peyerovy plaques and solitary follicles of intestines the intestinal starts being synthesized fabric immunoglobulin A till months it is not synthesized at all.

If the child is rather developed on all psychomotor and physical to parameters, there is only on natural feeding, the first the feeding up needs to be entered no later than , months, differently the kid badly starts accepting kashitseobrazny, and then and firm food, at it chewing and articulation devices, not are incorrectly formed fermental systems of a digestive tract develop, does not occur timely adaptation to various food vegetable and animal.

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Books happen

Books happen To Reba NOC has to describe the picture to call the represented subject, to tell, that he knows about this subject than more offers will be told by the child, it is better for those.

Example It is the book.

Books happen big and small.

Books to an inta resny.

In books it is possible to read fairy tales, verses or stories.

There are kn giencyclopedias.

Books can be nurseries and for adults and so on.

If the child is at a loss, lead him or speak according to one offer in turn.

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Pour white

Pour white After each test they gather from a glass of tepid water and properly rinse a mouth; such in a way exercise of taste appears an incentive measure to hygienic exercise.

Recognition of taste is the real and very valuable selfeducational exercise for children from four to five years.

Pour white powders to glass glasses mixes with quinine, sugar, salt.

The child, being curious to learn taste, the beret on language is a little to powder, and now rinses a mouth.

In Milan zha Makkeroni with doctor Ferrari is ordered such sorts powders and candies in various flavoring gradation, in a cooperative drugstore of Gumani tare Society.

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