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To add sour

To add sour It is possible to use for gas station beet, cabbage, fresh cucumbers.

Yolk paste Egg piece, sour cream tablespoon.

To cook egg in the abrupt.

To separate a yolk and to pound it with salt.

To add sour cream, it is possible to add butter.

Proteinaceous paste Egg piece, cheese grated h.

a spoon, butter h.

a spoon, milk tablespoons, salt to taste.

To beat whites with milk and salt, to warm up, stirring slowly.

To add cheese, oil, to mix.

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Food additives

Food additives Products, in which structure are excluded from a hypoallergenic diet of a dish also food additives enter tinned products, smoked products, mustard, horseradish, pepper.

Food additives dyes, preservatives can provoke allergic manifestations.

Daily amount of protein in food of children allergic persons the ratio of the proteinbearing meets age standard, but products differs from that in a usual diet.

Protein of cow's milk provides for children till years % of the general proteinaceous requirement at to norm of %, at preschool age % at norm of %.

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