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I can do anything

He was so ashamed and so sad.He sometimes even climbed in the area and there was crying.No one understands me, ' sobbed it, no who, really not sorry.As time went on.Once, when Sammy was very sad, and he wept, his sobbing heard worked in the circus camel.Not much fun you look, he said.I can do anything to help you and encourage you?I don't know, said Sammy.I am trying to keep this Badiou, to do their share of work, but every time spill.

Nails thunderstorms. Lucky

First aid . If the wound

Use of the motivational

Use of the motivational strategy for support organizational skills in general All examples given above concerned behavior problems, over with which it is necessary to work to remember household chores, a floor chat good marks to clean up toys etc.Same strategy it is possible to use and for development of organizational skills in general, and not just some concrete ability.If you consider that costs to work over skill of the beginning of work for example, that every time the child started business without reminders it is possible to support him.


It offends bases of human dignity in the son, she treats him as with a doll, and meanwhile it is the person entrusted by the nature to its cares.Everyone knows that training of the child in art independently to eat, wash sya and to put on work much more boring and difficult, demanding the immeasurably bigger patience, than feeding, washing and clothing of the child.But first sort of work work to a vospitata la, and second sort of work easy and low quality work of servants.This work is easier for mothers, but it is extremely harmful to the child as bars the way and places obstacles in way to development it activity.


Take a rattle, a hand bell, boxes of matches, a jar from cream from face linam inside, a pipe or the whistle, a toy with a pishchalka rustling a tsellofa new package or something else.Making a sound, induce the child to look for eyes its source.Call a sound rattles, rings, rustles, peeps and so on.Hold the sounding subject directly before the kid, gradually Uda to lyayta a sound source, change its situation that on the right, to the left of the kid that he listened, looked back in search of a toy.Hide a toy and when the kid after all turns in the necessary direction also will persistently look around at it, get and show to the kid.

But try to aspire

Perhaps, it will be hard for you to begin work with insufficiently developed and to be engaged in organizational skill of your child in it to long time is free.But try to aspire to the good.If shortcomings of the child coincide with yours, tension cha hundred arises because of that the child does not have enough ability to fill gap or to neutralize negative influence of own weak parties.For example, if you have with the daughter a weak working memory and not the developed skills of the organization to keep in an order notes from give rise pour, the school diary which needs to be signed, or sports stock it will be very difficult.

As they find

And again will hide?Hide, but in some other place.As they find them?asked Cyril.Find not all.So the more stocks, the better!she guessed Lisa.And those that remain buried in the ground, too, is not disappearing, I say, over time, can spring, and in the forest will be a new my tree.Over there, on the branch, notes grandson, setting another protein, why she did not come down?It squirrel says I, ' it is still small and timid, besides he has competitor under the tree crow is sitting.

Explain the meaning

You Kosi my spit, if not dried the dew.Fear not, this is a goose, I am afraid of him.In the spirits and NYSE blue beads.Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING in Proverbs and sayings Clearly, highlighting the sound CAMPING, say for adults Proverbs to times.Explain the meaning of each statement.Check the values of the unknown Proverbs and sayings.Without songs day fresh.In bravery Yes in envy no joy!Spring Yes fall on day weather eight!Every seed knows its time.

If the chest

Make two slow full insufflation air, with a pause between them.If the chest during a synthetic breathing doesn't come in motion , change the position of the head of the child and make two more blowing air.If the chest during a synthetic breathing doesn't come in motion , then dy respiratory tract impassable.Noting that the chest rises during artificial respiration , prikazni TES two fingers to the Adam's Apple .Perret Mestia fingers into the groove between Adam Apple and muscle on the side of the neck .

Kai attention

It is not necessary to offer let's listen Muse ku, and just turn it not very loudly, not attractive.Kai attention of the child.Listening to music and dancing develop the music ing memory, sense of rhythm, artistry and voobra a provision.From two to two and a half years Munchkin house On the Playground is very interesting lesen key kid and pulls on them to climb!Do not be afraid, on the contrary, to bring him to this lesson.Your little mouse or rabbit, and you corre public cat or wolf.

Then independently

WE ARTISTS Watch mimicking the actions of an adult with whom he wondering you the riddle will represent, as floats on the boat, providing the wheel of a car, wash as etc.Guess and give details of the hidden activities such display is called pantomime.Then independently come up and using pantomime show adult action Vija riddles.If an adult will not be able to guess your pantomime and the adult is better not to hurry!, independently describe the case that you portrayed as a real artist.· How to collect mushrooms, found the bird in the forest, raised .

The skills

Consolidation pronunciation sound RELATIONSHIP in the words of various syllabic structure.The skills of sound syllabic analysis Display pictures of Annex and syllabic trailers Annex , Speak all the words, separating them into syllables.Count the number of syllables in all the words to do this, put a hand under the lower jaw and consider her movements.Then placed STI every picture in suitable syllabic wagon.Pictures next to the trailers it is better to lay out not piles, and the vertical rows.

In a bowl

Close, dolls, melody.See the cat that pussy Sleep all in my wheelchair.In a bowl of delicious sausages.I will concede, Next to the bowl kitty no Lullaby usably, Is to a cat lunch!And just could not sleep how delicious sausages You will give your bed!Of a large neighborhood of the bowl!Consolidation pronunciation With sound in riddles Guess riddles.Then slowly, emphasizing sound, repeat each of them.The zag let family and friends favourite puzzles.So blue glass Slippery, fun, light.

By means

For example, many children without analysis use the words thick and big, long and high, confusing these concepts.By means of the described methods it is easy to teacher to fix on a basis didactic material of idea exact and clear and to associate with them appropriate words.Way of use of didactic material.Sizes.Having allowed the child to play much three sets of tabs and to get confidence in this exercise, the teacher takes out everything cylinders of identical height also puts them in a row on a table.

If the kid with

When the kid easily finds a place for any waist, it is possible to pass to independent assembly of all pictures.If the kid with ease collects one picture, a feather stir details of two pictures, then three and more.If that or other task will appear to the child not in power, return on one level of complexity back.In the course of game pay attention of the kid to colors, which he sees, on a detail of drawings.Ask, what to a tsva that a kerchief at a nested doll or a sun blind at a lodge.If child not is able to speak, ask to show, where red or another color, where at a horse a tail, a mane, where at a lodge a pipe and so further.

I am not a doll, I'm a bear! The hare

I am not a doll, I'm a bear!The hare sing, shake Fox, TOAD AND FROG I paw let him suck on that!Green abdomen, Green legs, HEDGEHOG TAILOR Two frogs with a frog With pride hedgehog needles wore, Accustomed to the exercises.Their animals pajamas sewed, A little skill How many needles on the back of growing, Frog in flight, as Many pyjamas our hedgehog will sew!The toad lower Jumping in the swamp!Differentiation of sounds W in rhymes Clearly speak patters first slowly, then quickly, keeping the clarity and sound pronunciation.


Why so absentminded daughter and irresponsible?Why it cannot though for a while to postpone that is pleasant to it to finish everything that it has to do?And unless the eightyearold girl should not selfstanding telno to cope at least with some tasks?By results of the tests which were carried out in Iowa, which Katee about goes since the end x, it is in m protsentile.Teachers utverzh give that it has a rich imagination, the strong mathematical is capable st and big lexicon.She is the nice girl.For this reason teachers are very upset they should speak give rise all the time lyam Katee that their daughter often breaks discipline in a class, as cannot concentrate on a task during the work in group.

Options of carrying

Options of carrying out game show to the child the picture; call it; ask to find on big to the card also suggest to close a card the corresponding image; if necessary help; show the picture, but do not call it, and ask to find same carat tinka on the big card; then or call the picture, if the child still badly speaks, or ask to call it, suggest to close a card corresponding image; do not show the image, but call; ask to find the picture on to the description on the big card; suggest to close the image sootvt stvuyushchy card; call the image, showing the signature, and then the picture; before lay down to close a card the corresponding image; show the signature; ask to guess that on the picture, at it is necessary tell st that there; having waited some seconds, suggest to close card corresponding image.

So you will

, Guar R.Your child can do everything.Chapter .Development of skill of planning and definition of priorities Advance of skill of planning and arrangements of priorities in everyday life .Make plans for children, even when they small.Tell Let's make the plan and then paint some stages.Better to make a check list in which the child will be able to note you polnenny steps.More active involve the child in planning.So you will be able to show it process model.Ask As you think that is necessary for a sda lat first of all?

Dusty air irritated

Dusty air irritated mucus simple membranes of the upper respiratory tract , reduce continuing their resistance against infection.The mucous membrane in the nose of the child should not to dry up.To moisturize and mucous time jirenia viscous mucus must be entered in nasal passages normal physiological races solution .% solution of sodium chloride .Overdose this solution is impossible , so as it is a part of the body, so ka path it can if necessary every to minutes, drops in each half the nose.

On the body

Take a pack of table salt and on one spoon of a zasa sing in a large bottle fiveseven spoons, every time of a razmesha Wai salt.Watch floating Corot's behavior barrels after each spoon of salt.On the body floating in to water, the pushingout force, which that pain works she, than water density is more.In process of increase with salt continence density of water increases, a box rises.Whether and it is possible to receive the dissolved substance about ratno?

Saline causes

The lack solution of potassium permanganate is he annoying the mucous membrane of the stomach , so its use it is undesirable for acute disorders digestion.Salt solution is water with addition salt , tbsp l fluid.Saline causes spasm narrowing of the exit from the stomach and prevents promotion of a poison or toxin from the stomach into the the intestines.Children up to years for the prevention of violations waterelectrolyte metabolism washing stomach is isotonic sodium chloride it can be bought in the pharmacy.

Excellent! Subject

Excellent!Subject Internet Your sharikami on bearings!Hey, old man!suddenly he turned to beeches.You need us fresh shariki?Me?!cried the old man.And you, Kirill?immediately inquired Yaki at the shocked the boy.What other shariki?I dunno, I paid, and I tuhiwai!But, look here, said Cyril, you are very out of place together salsa in our conversation, it's impolite!I know that politely and that is rude!I earn Vayu money, I should not lose a minute.

It is possible

Signatures can be displayed on a reverse side of a card on groups by number of words; by quantity of warehouses; alphabetically on the first letter of the first word; in an accent place in the word at the beginning, at the end, in the middle of the word and so further.It is possible to sort cards by several signs, for example in one group to collect images in which there is a red color, and in another edible subjects, then among them will appear images edible before met of red color.NOTE SALT CAT EATS B AT TO E T ROSES DOG TO AT TO L AND D E P E IN ABOUT THE GAME QUARTET FLOWERS ROSE DAHLIA VIOLET NARCISSUS FLOWERS ROSE DAHLIA VIOLET NARCISSUS FLOWERS ROSE DAHLIA VIOLET NARCISSUS FLOWERS ROSE DAHLIA VIOLET NARCISSUS Game requires a set of cards by the size usual igral ny cards.


Child of twothree years will not begin to examine with pleasure battle scenes or a class chesky Dutch still lifes.Select reproductions of those pictures, which contents is clear to the child without words, images of children of all age, children with parents all images of Bo belong here gomater, images of animals, genre scenes people of the house, in a garden, on the street.Use reproductions of artists of the different directions realism, impressionism and so on.Use photos antich ny vases with drawings, sculptures, frescos, the Egyptian drawings, drevnerus sky painting and so on.

Step . Establishment

The same methods

Therefore we have to bring up also younger generation in this spirit, in the spirit of supervision, become inseparable part of modern cultural life; it neobkhodimeyshy means; the person has to seize it that with success to continue progress business.It is known that opening of Xrays was born from supervision.The same methods brought to to opening of gertsovsky waves and radium fluctuations, and we wait for wonderful appendices from besprovo lochny telegraph.There was yet no period in which the thinking would win from very much positive knowledge as in the real century, would also seek to throw new light on the speculative philosophy and on questions of spirit.

By the time

If you give to the child pocket money and learn to save for purchases of a desired thing, you also help it to develop infusion chivost, only in a different way.To the third class the majority children are already known how to save up a little money.By the time of transition in high school many can already show persistence, that at least to reach results in sport, game on the musical the tool or to increase progress.Having passed into high school, pupils start understanding that daily work at lessons can to affect result, for example a choice of higher education institution.

Games with

Move to the baby cart with cubes.Show that the cubes can be transferred from hands in hand to knock one another, put them in the cart and pull out.Now you can put next two dice, dice the cube and the prism on the die.What have we got?The house!And now together tear down the house and build anew.Games with dice develop visually motor co the ordination and cognitive abilities.From year to eighteen months Yum yum yum In the presence of the child always something Prigov REVITA and hum.

This book

The movements of children at an exit from a condition of an order become more and more eventually coordinate and perfect; they are accustomed to consider the acts.After children will acquire idea of an order, supervision of how they pass from the first chaotic movements to the movements harmonous and spontaneous here that has to be the reference book teachers.This book has to inspire all its actions; it is the only book, which she has to read and reread if wishes to become the real teacher.The child in such exercises, in a sense makes a choice of the bents, in the beginning complicated by unconsciousness and a disorder of its movements.


Fortunately, in our country still in the Soviet period Union was created strong pediatric service, which, despite all the troubles and experiments in recent years, continues to work.Accumulated huge significant experience in the Arsenal of the doctors have the results of many numerous studies.And as if today abused medicine, whatever problems it does exist, if you are near a competent doctor pediatrician, which Roma, you can always ask for advice and help, you are not afraid of the problems that may arise in the first years of life of the baby.

We consider, that

Most of teachers prepare for lessons, disregarding development concrete organizational skills.Teachers and parents understand, at least in general, that should be expected from children in a miscellaneous age, also put the corresponding level.At teachers is vozmozh the nost to approach education of the child more formally.We consider, that if teachers realized a role, which organizational skills play in independence development and as much they already do that could be given to children even more.They could impart body zatsionny skills to ask questions and to give helps.

To this age local

To this age local immune system digestive tract it is completely created in peyerovy plaques and solitary follicles of intestines the intestinal starts being synthesized fabric immunoglobulin A till months it is not synthesized at all.If the child is rather developed on all psychomotor and physical to parameters, there is only on natural feeding, the first the feeding up needs to be entered no later than , months, differently the kid badly starts accepting kashitseobrazny, and then and firm food, at it chewing and articulation devices, not are incorrectly formed fermental systems of a digestive tract develop, does not occur timely adaptation to various food vegetable and animal.

Books happen

To Reba NOC has to describe the picture to call the represented subject, to tell, that he knows about this subject than more offers will be told by the child, it is better for those.Example It is the book.Books happen big and small.Books to an inta resny.In books it is possible to read fairy tales, verses or stories.There are kn giencyclopedias.Books can be nurseries and for adults and so on.If the child is at a loss, lead him or speak according to one offer in turn.

Pour white

After each test they gather from a glass of tepid water and properly rinse a mouth; such in a way exercise of taste appears an incentive measure to hygienic exercise.Recognition of taste is the real and very valuable selfeducational exercise for children from four to five years.Pour white powders to glass glasses mixes with quinine, sugar, salt.The child, being curious to learn taste, the beret on language is a little to powder, and now rinses a mouth.In Milan zha Makkeroni with doctor Ferrari is ordered such sorts powders and candies in various flavoring gradation, in a cooperative drugstore of Gumani tare Society.

It is possible

Fat of chicken meat is also best of all it is acquired by an organism.It is possible to include the special meat in a diet of children of the first year of life canned food for baby food.FISH Fish as well as meat, is one of the main sources full protein which is well acquired by an organism proteins of fish are acquired on %, and proteins of meat for %.Besides, fish contains the fat acids, mineral substances potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamins A, D, E, and also groups B.In food of children it is not recommended to use fish canned food an exception make special canned food for baby food.

In babies

The first symptoms of the disease Pain in the ear and the head , which can be easy tingling or intensive.Increased body temperature.Sometimes vomiting.The child becomes sluggish.In babies of the first signs of otitis media can to be restless sleep, increase body temperature, turns head in time Otitis nye parties, crying in response to an attempt to click on the front of the patient's ear.Often otitis accompanied by a decrease the hearing.When to consult a doctor When the first signs of otitis media .

After that

To cut plums in half.To remove stones and to heat plums on the very weak fire, carefully stirring slowly to a full softening.After that heated weight hot to wipe through a sieve, to add sugar, to stir and finish on weak fire before boiling.At once to pour on banks, without adding to the brim see.To sterilize the jars the half liter minutes, liter minutes.Red currant jelly Berries to knead, wring out juice, to put in it sugar at the rate of g of sugar on glass of juice to pound a spoon until sugar is not dissolved.

The children

We need to call the fairy Dobrodiy, it is necessary that any will think, said the friend.The children shouted Faerie Dobrodeya!Faerie Dobrodeya and and!!!Sneezy!Who disturbed me?Anyone here needs help?sang fairy who suddenly appeared right out of the air, only multicolored sparks flew in different directions.Are we, that we danced with delight Yarema and Arishka and told Debroglie about the trouble that happened in the family dragon Yarema.I know how your grief to help, said the fairy, I have a magic lights that and the dark road lighting to participate, and in any trouble help.

On far swamp

Mutilated I your favorite oak tree.Not to hide us more in his shadow, not there sweet acorns, replied the pylon and began to cry even more.Don't cry, a horn.I know how to burn your help.On far swamp grows miracle herb, the power of the medicinal herbs.SOR VI it at night and bring it together with swamp water to the oak.First rinse the wound with muddy water, and then impose on it a miracle herb.Just remember the grass impose, and he is sentenced.Here wound and heal, he prostrate forty and flew away.That sentence?

C The drawing

B The drawings supplementing cardboard figures.We allow children to draw a sun blind and doors in face da of houses, lattices at gate etc.Most often the child executes these drawings on own figures when they it is good under dry, i.e.every other day two after a sticker.C The drawing consisting in filling with strokes of contours.These drawings extremely are important, making preparation for the letter.For education of chromatic feeling shading contours is reached that by free drawing for development of observation to a form, t.

It is possible

To avoid it, try to make to the child to school interesting grant on stories time tape.It is possible to begin studying of history on the example of history of life of the kid.Take photos of your child from infancy up to now, under take a little the best, suitable according to the contents.And contents will be, for example, such Katya was born recently and all the time sleeps the corresponding photo; Katya already learned to lie on a stomach and to raise the head; Katya is able to sit; Katya learned to stand, go itself and so on; Katya puts cylinders in a box; Katya tries to move down from a hill.

Right, aroma

This tree peonies!I will explain.Unlike Trapani simple, they grow on bushes and flower they have much larger.Look, grandmother, what big petal my two Lado no!screams Lisa!It seems that this year they seek to obscure its great laiem lilac!And so gentle smell!says Lisa.Right, aroma they have such thin, it is mixed with slad Kim, a bit suffocating smell of lilac and adds notes spring freshness.Notes, ' says Lisa it's the music.So it is accepted to speak about the smell.


As one would expect, even those months when do not support Devon shaft the initial standard, its room was much tidier, than prior to use of system, and parents could reduce reminders to one in a week.System of performance of homeworks it is also rumpled but improved, but all saw need of continuation daily afterdinner checks by the teacher and house control by parents.Step .Establishment of the behavioural purposes Target organizational skill organization Specific behavioural goal Devon will trace performance of the back teacher's niya, availability of necessary materials and performance house slave you which needs to be handed over.


It is also possible to play and thinking of plants, though it can be more difficult for children.In this case on try to combine both games in one, that is zagada howl in turn that animal, a plant.Complexity of a task, naturally, is defined a vozra sty children.GUESS, WHO IT?The adult calls characteristic of any animal, and the child tries to guess, who it.If the riddle is not solved, the adult calls one more feature to five helps.If the child guessed from the first, receives five points, from the second four and so on.

How to apply

descended at children intensively, sometimes without use of medicines.How to apply starvation at sharp defeats of the gastrointestinal path at children?Always it is necessary to begin treatment with hunger.As a rule, if at once not to remove food, the condition of the child will only be weighted.And still is not necessary to give to the child in the first days of an illness at a liquid chair the fixing drugs, even herbs.The diarrhea can pass into the contrast.And state the kid will worsen, as indigestion which can be caused most various reasons reforage, overheating, wrong appointment feeding up, substandard products and, at last, an infection remains.

Then we erase

However long to use such material barriers it is not necessary.At first we clean rulers and we come back to to two parallels between which the feebleminded child tries to draw the third line.Then we erase one of the directing lines, and we leave another or on the right, because at the left and, at last having erased also this last line, we erase also a point, having begun with top, noting a starting point departures of the line and hand.The child starts drawing the vertical line without the material support, without comparison points.

Then I conduct

Snacha la to me will jump hares!Children, representing hares, jump to the adult.To children of twothree years the leader speaks I will feed hares with carrot!Children of an izobrazh yut that take food from the adult's hands, and then run back.Then I conduct shchiya declares the following animals whom he is going to feed.Children of fourfive years, approaching the adult, call that food, which needs to be given to the represented animal.In the course of game it is possible to ask children as tells this or that animal.

Their duration

Mustard the bath is used in diseases of the organs of breath.Their duration minutes.Conducting mustard bath .Pour into the tub l of water with temperature C.Dilute in g of mustard in a bowl with warm in DOI and pour into the tub.Place or seat in tub child .On th fishing child can be put cool compress PART IV.HOME MEDICAL PROCEDURES .Gradually increase the temperature of water up to C.Watch out for the skin and the condition of the child .


To give sauce hot to a pudding from millet, rice, semolina, macaroni, wheaten crackers and to rice cutlets.Vegetables Various vegetables have to enter a food allowance of children.Vegetables serve source of a number of feedstuffs vitamins C, P, beta carotene, salts, potassium, iron, digestible sugars glucose, fructose, sucrose, used in an organism as fuel.The attractive look and delicate aroma of vegetables stimulate appetite of children, the organic acids containing in vegetables promote allocation digestive juice and to digestion of food.

For use in the natural

Before preparation of dishes for giving to cottage cheese of more gentle and its uniform consistence follows to pass via the protirochny machine or the meat grinder.Fat cottage cheese can be used in the natural form with milk, sour cream, sugar or to prepare from it syrkovy, curds; from lean cottage cheese these dishes turn out less tasty.From lean cottage cheese prepare cheesecakes, vareniki, baked puddings, puddings.For use in the natural form for food of children early and preschool age apply only freshly cooked cottage cheese.Cottage cheese belongs to perishable goods.

Woman, by nothing

The boy, is armed ny only freedom and ease of the feet, screams and leaves.Woman, by nothing armed from art, by nature because the feet unaccustomed to run, are confused in skirts, lets out a cry of horror and falls unconscious.These three various ways of reaction are in the closest communication with degree of freedom and independence of each of three indiv comrade.Fainting, it is the woman which coat are worn by the obliging gentlemen throwing sya to lift the subject dropped by it and taking great pain to relieve it of the slightest effort.

Other proof

Other authors noted variable effect.But at the same stage at children who are fed breast, the maintenance of a progesterone is higher, than at the other.Other proof communications with the theory of violation of biorhythms a role of prostaglandins hormones, the muscles of a digestive tract causing strong reduction.When to two to children for treatment of a disease of heart entered prostaglandin, at them appeared gripes.This hormonal theory is confirmed also by that children, born at difficult delivery, more often are uneasy.And last confirmation gripes by miracle disappear at the age of months, when the child has ordered habits to a dream and are developed corresponding biorhythms.

Less often

Most often at children skin, then a digestive tract, bodies is surprised breath, nervous system etc.In various age groups different manifestations of food allergy meet.Till months.The skin rash which is shown against the chest meets feedings or at introduction of a dokorm and food correction.The dysbacteriosis and dyspepsia arising together with damages of skin or a little later.Less often gastrointestinal symptoms precede the skin.months.

To add sour

It is possible to use for gas station beet, cabbage, fresh cucumbers.Yolk paste Egg piece, sour cream tablespoon.To cook egg in the abrupt.To separate a yolk and to pound it with salt.To add sour cream, it is possible to add butter.Proteinaceous paste Egg piece, cheese grated h.a spoon, butter h.a spoon, milk tablespoons, salt to taste.To beat whites with milk and salt, to warm up, stirring slowly.To add cheese, oil, to mix.

Food additives

Products, in which structure are excluded from a hypoallergenic diet of a dish also food additives enter tinned products, smoked products, mustard, horseradish, pepper.Food additives dyes, preservatives can provoke allergic manifestations.Daily amount of protein in food of children allergic persons the ratio of the proteinbearing meets age standard, but products differs from that in a usual diet.Protein of cow's milk provides for children till years % of the general proteinaceous requirement at to norm of %, at preschool age % at norm of %.

Show your

What if in a tub of water will drop the ball?What happens if you add in the water paint?And now let the kid asks you questions.They had always at the ready!Game develops the intellect.Zaplati pigtail Attach the upper ends of the ribbons and strings to the wall or the table at close range, and lower let him remain free.Show your baby how are braided pigtails on the doll what we Lala was beautiful!Ask your child to practice on you prepared the simulator.The game is important for the development of consistency and accuracy hand movements.


UNUSUAL PUZZLES If you have two identical cards, cut one of them and predlo zhit to the child to put it on a sample at first divide the image into three four parts, then can cut the same picture on bigger quantity parts.СРАВНИВАЕМЖ ivy nature and r MOTHERS AND KIDS All kids love animals, especially small.Any child will be with ecstasy to potter with a domestic kitten, as if diligently parents not tried to prove to it, what you should not kiss it.Suggest the kid to get acquainted with little animals and give birth to them tel.Attention!All tasks have to be performed by the child after precede telny display or explanation.

They solved

So it could store it and it is easy to notice if that that is not enough.They solved to place labels on a dummy for each element which can to be necessary.The father agreed that overnight he will be napom to nat to Jake about need to check equipment and to put things in a bag.In turn, Jake agreed that, when in the evening the father on remembers to it that it is necessary to gather, he will be engaged in it at once and will not be to postpone until morning.They also agreed that, if Jake not bu is put to hold to the plan and that that will forget, the father will not begin to help out it.

To the ready

Think up, than still it is possible snab to dit such game panel.At the edges of a fanerka from a reverse side wooden laths, and behind are attached all design is closed by a leaf the fan ry same size.To the ready panel eyelets are fastened, and all this hangs up sya on a wall in a game corner.At the kid, of course, not at once it will turn out to seize all buttons and levers of it the panel, but it will show to it pain necks interest and to try very much.И® and | I AND GRAYEM WITH RINGLETS Small children can give for game of a pyramid.

In doshkol

We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER sorting and classifying it, also start realizing prichinno a trace stvenny communications.These skills develop and at later age, when an order and rituals mechanisms by means of which it is possible a game to trolirovat the experience become important for children.In doshkol the number age accent is displaced from tests on assimilation.Children begin on to nimat that different people have a different experience of perception, to distinguish emo tion of other people are also capable to play a role.Soon after that, in – years, children realize that different people have different thoughts and feelings, maybe yes to vat elementary interpretation of intentions for example, punish them for a fault or it is casual.

Two and a half

Very convenient!Show how attached trailer.Mastered?Then you can play in construction loaded dice, Pere transported, unloaded built house!Walking machine can be loaded with sand and ka bags, and in the winter snow.Toy develops the ability to gaming activities STI, fine and gross motor skills.Two and a half to three years When I was.Think of a song about different things, finding students in the room.The melody can be any, and slo VA must be accompanied by action.Let the kid behind you repeat!

It simultaneously

This is due to the exceptional role she plays in human life.Thanks speech people report of thought, desire, pass on their life experience, coordinate actions.It is the primary tool people communicate.It simultaneously is a necessary basis thinking and his instrument.Mental operations analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization, abstraction and other developing are being developed and improved in the process of language acquisition.From the level of speech development depends on the overall intellectual the development.

Fire puts

THE FIRST STAGE DISCERNMENT SOUNDS WITH SH IN ISOLATION, IN SYLLABLES AND WORDS Differentiation to hear sounds With W in words Carefully listen to incomplete sentence.From a pair of similar sounding the words say one thing, descriptive.Explain its meaning.Put in a bowl .PAP helmet.Fire puts .PAP helmet The poet writes .fable tower.The artist draws .fable tower.Slad to sleeping in the den .bowl bear.

On spring

Explain to the child as it is necessary to water a plant correctly having put a watering can nose on edge of a pot, but without having lifted up it over head.From time to time at the child or together with it dig up the earth in a pot a stick.On spring of a prishcha to pyvayta a plant that it grew better.Explain reben ku for what you do it, tell that is not terrible at all, that you delete tops of branches that there comes the spring, and races the teniye will grow with a new force.And after a prishchipyvaniye it will start up young strong branches in the parties.

And fine

On the threshold rode [awn convened.Guests arrived.On the porch and sat down.This gave, This gave, This gave, This gave, And this is not returned He's on the water didn't go.Firewood is not cut.The stove is not heated, PAP not cooked.Fingering the little fingers, gently massaging them.And it is pleasant and useful Finger games useful for the development of intelligence.and fine motor skills.From half to two years FROM TWO TO TWO A HALF YEARS of Study colors Take four identical bowls, different in CEE Tu red, green, blue and yellow.

Mother has to have

The strongest psychogenic components of this reflex are formed also on condition of the early applyings to a breast and continuous communication with the child, starting with the first days of his life.Mother has to have a strong confidence in need chest feeding and possibility of successful performance of the maternal functions.In treatment of a gipogalaktiya it is necessary to find out the reason and as far as possible to try to eliminate it.It is necessary to adjust mother's dream it has to make not less than hours at night and hour in the afternoon, food is rational to diversify with obligatory use by the woman not less than l of cow's milk, the divorced l of boiled tea, or fermented milk products to use psychotherapy.

Kolya and Lena

Favourite rhyme sauce.High thin Linden Lyuba with Lena softly sang All the leaves were shown, the meadow near spruce.And swans and ducks Galya with Olya were in the field, Far left.Walked out there in the wild.Kolya and Lena We ate, we drank, Cranberries bought, We snowmen sculpted.Kolya and Lena Under the window, caressing opinion, My mother helped.Baba with dedou stand!Kolyayearold in the movie, went To the stadium we went, Two cartoon they saw, Lemonade have bought for myself Lions there was singing, deer flew, We would rooting for athletes, And peacocks spirits bought.


We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER Step .Change of an environment What subjects people will help to achieve the objectives?On a dummy all equipment which is necessary for trainings will be noted and games In the evening before game the father will remind Jake that that checked and with took all necessary things What concrete skills will be received by the child who will train him how?Skill shortterm memory to remember all necessary sports ekip rovka for trainings and games Who will train in skill?

It is representable

Best of all it works, when the signal represents a separate visual sign for example, the movement of a hand which will draw attention of the child to a problem situation.Practice.Play a sketch on roles.It is representable that you you play with friends on the street, and here one of them says that you angers.I will be your friend, and you by itself.If it is difficult for the child, in this situation you can play him and show, how to cope with it.As well as in a case with other skills used at regulation behavior, organize practice daily or several times in a week during few weeks.


MEMORABLE ANIMAL After the zoo to describe in detail several memorable animals.IN SUMMER AND WINTER Remember, to represent and to tell the difference between your yard suburban area in the summer and in winter.YOURS AND OTHERS Remember, to present and explain the similarities and the differences your room and bathroom neighbor your cuisine and specialities of other your jackets and jackets friend your bike and bike friend Difficulty LEVEL SOME FAIRY TALES WITH ONE HERO To recall different tales involving one and the same hero.


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