But try to aspire

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But try to aspire Perhaps, it will be hard for you to begin work with insufficiently developed and to be engaged in organizational skill of your child in it to long time is free.

But try to aspire to the good.

If shortcomings of the child coincide with yours, tension cha hundred arises because of that the child does not have enough ability to fill gap or to neutralize negative influence of own weak parties.

For example, if you have with the daughter a weak working memory and not the developed skills of the organization to keep in an order notes from give rise pour, the school diary which needs to be signed, or sports stock it will be very difficult.

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As they find

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As they find And again will hide?

Hide, but in some other place.

As they find them?

asked Cyril.

Find not all.

So the more stocks, the better!

she guessed Lisa.

And those that remain buried in the ground, too, is not disappearing, I say, over time, can spring, and in the forest will be a new my tree.

Over there, on the branch, notes grandson, setting another protein, why she did not come down?

It squirrel says I, ' it is still small and timid, besides he has competitor under the tree crow is sitting.

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Explain the meaning

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Explain the meaning You Kosi my spit, if not dried the dew.

Fear not, this is a goose, I am afraid of him.

In the spirits and NYSE blue beads.

Consolidation pronunciation sound CAMPING in Proverbs and sayings Clearly, highlighting the sound CAMPING, say for adults Proverbs to times.

Explain the meaning of each statement.

Check the values of the unknown Proverbs and sayings.

Without songs day fresh.

In bravery Yes in envy no joy!

Spring Yes fall on day weather eight!

Every seed knows its time.

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If the chest

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If the chest Make two slow full insufflation air, with a pause between them.

If the chest during a synthetic breathing doesn't come in motion , change the position of the head of the child and make two more blowing air.

If the chest during a synthetic breathing doesn't come in motion , then dy respiratory tract impassable.

Noting that the chest rises during artificial respiration , prikazni TES two fingers to the Adam's Apple .

Perret Mestia fingers into the groove between Adam Apple and muscle on the side of the neck .

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Kai attention

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Kai attention It is not necessary to offer let's listen Muse ku, and just turn it not very loudly, not attractive.

Kai attention of the child.

Listening to music and dancing develop the music ing memory, sense of rhythm, artistry and voobra a provision.

From two to two and a half years Munchkin house On the Playground is very interesting lesen key kid and pulls on them to climb!

Do not be afraid, on the contrary, to bring him to this lesson.

Your little mouse or rabbit, and you corre public cat or wolf.

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Then independently

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Then independently WE ARTISTS Watch mimicking the actions of an adult with whom he wondering you the riddle will represent, as floats on the boat, providing the wheel of a car, wash as etc.

Guess and give details of the hidden activities such display is called pantomime.

Then independently come up and using pantomime show adult action Vija riddles.

If an adult will not be able to guess your pantomime and the adult is better not to hurry!

, independently describe the case that you portrayed as a real artist.

· How to collect mushrooms, found the bird in the forest, raised .

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